Direct DSP Platform vs 3rd Party

This is a trick question.  Direct anything is better than going to a third party. But the interesting fact is that many large mobile marketing agencies (or mobile shops inside an agency) do not have a direct DSP platform.  They are buying mobile impressions from a large DSP company (Trading Desk, Rocket Fuel and others).

This becomes a problem with reporting and optimization.  The client calls the agency about low CTR or reporting issues.  If the agency had their own DSP platform then the information and the fix would be easy.  But calling the large DSP companies and dealing with another layer makes the problem harder to address.  Unless you are a client spending over high six figures the chances you are going to get any answer is in doubt.

Changes are being made where medium size ad agencies can have their own DSP platform. Medium size agencies can now buy direct from the SSPs and add behavior overlays using Lotame and other big data companies.

Medium size companies that want to use mobile geo-fencing will be getting  real time reporting.  If an optimization problem arises no longer will there be layers of companies to go through.  With a direct DSP platform medium size agencies can bring better customer services and help medium size companies reach their mobile goals.


You’ve been Googled

That rumbling noise you heard Saturday was all the Adword users moaning.  Google has announced that it will no longer have paid ads on the right side of a Google search page. What does this mean for the average Adwords user?   A big problem.

No mere human can guess the thinking of Google but it seems that Google wants more competition for the space on the top of the search page.  This will dramatically increase prices and cause medium and small Adwords users to be squeezed out of the market.

Companies that have invested in Adwords are going to have to rethink their strategy.

Mobile surpassed TV viewing

From MarketDive (2/5/16):

Mobile has surpassed TV in viewing.  47.3% of consumer’s time is spent on mobile devices and 36% is spent on TV. Smartphone video views are up 55%.  57% of viewers are using another device while watching.

Yahoo recommended, “Mobile is the new prime time vehicle of choice. Maximize viewer attention by incorporating native video ads into your next campaign. These ads have led to a 28% lift in purchase intent.”