2015 Digital Ad Spend by Sector (Top 3)

2015 Digital Ad Spend by Sector (Top 3)

Retail is the number buyer digital advertising in 2015 (22%) and in 2016 the projection is retail will increase their buy by 20%.  Next is auto which took 12.5% of the digital ad pie. Auto should see a 30% jump next year as local dealerships are starting to get on board and using mobile to target customers while they are in their competitors dealerships. Financial is third with 12.3%. The majority of financial’s buyer is digital and not mobile. In 2016 financial will be a big player in mobile as the capability to target exact age range and high-income zip codes becomes standard. In fact mobile now has more targeting capabilities then digital.
With mobile breaking through and having over 60% of digital screen time the 2016 projections are looking at a 30% jump across the board