Retargeting is the question

When Copley Advertising sits down with a client to discuss creating a mobile marketing plan some familiar questions come up.

  • How can you target a location?
  • How can you target by demographic and behavior?
  • Tracking?

The question that very rarely comes up is retargeting.  Retargeting is the heart of a mobile campaign.  This is how it works.  A code is placed on the client’s landing page and conversion page.  A “folder” is created that stores the captured IDs from the landing page and another folder for the captured IDs from the conversion page.  By retargeting the IDs that reached the landing page we have found CTR to be 5X industry standard.

As the main ad group delivers impressions Copley Advertising uses extensive retargeting tools such as A/B testing, CTR of the geo-locations and behavior overlays, dayparting, SSP efficiency, win percentage and others.

Once the campaign is a few weeks in and becomes hyper-targeted Copley Advertising creates a separate ad group. We add all the IDs that reached the landing page to a white list.  Then we add all the IDs from the conversion page to a black list.  Why?  At this point we are not interested in users that completed the target action, we are interested in the users who clicked on the ad but did not complete the target action.  Copley Advertising will use that group deeper in the campaign.

We turn on the retargeting campaign as the main campaign is still adding IDs to the retargeting folders.  The average CTR for a mobile campaign .2.  The CTR for retargeting IDs can jump to .7 and higher.

Having a DSP platform allows us to use all the benefits of programmatic bidding. But it also allows Copley Advertising to use our own A/B testing and retargeting to ensure that your campaign is successful.

And yes….we can target that.