Creative and optimization

Creative is an important aspect of increasing a campaign’s CTR and lowering CPA. After completing the mobile user’s persona (sex, race, age, contextual and behavior information) the next step is formulating a message.  What message will drive the user to complete the target action?

Copley Advertising requires at least six creatives with different tag lines in sizes 320×50, 300×250 and 320×480.  If we are running a native test (which is recommended)  additional creative is needed (1200×628 and 600×600).

Never be attached to your creative or message.  The data does not lie.  Each geo-target will have different results so setting up testing for each geo-target is important.

Copley Advertising uses a 10,000 impression threshold to start making creative decisions. Creative getting a .19% and lower are paused.  At about 25,000 impressions we look at placement and bidding.  At 50,000 impressions Copley Advertising can start turning off creative with a low CTR and increasing bidding on creative with a goal CTR.  By optimizing creative the CPC will decrease which creates highly targeted impressions at a cheaper rate.

By breaking out each creative and geo-target into separate campaigns (Copley Advertising is one of the few agencies that has this ability) it will be very clear which creative is working and where.  Retargeting pools can be set up for each high performing campaign and IDs will be collected.

Messages that can drive users to complete target actions will emerge among all geo-targets after all the data processed.

This theme becomes valuable as it can be transported to other marketing campaigns (traditional, digital or mobile).

Creative plays an important role in optimizing a mobile campaign.  Let the data do the talking.