Time to stop the app

Optimizing a mobile campaign is key for a solid CTR.  There are many tricks to the trade. Checking the CTR of your app traffic is a great way to boost CTR and lower CPC.

The advantages of your having access to your own DSP platform is the ability to make changes in real time.  If a target location’s CTR has dropped significantly during the first half of the day you can redirect your budget to  targets that are outperforming.  Then you can investigate why the CTR dropped.

One of the reasons maybe is that you have an app in an SSP network that is sucking impressions but has a low CTR.  At Copley Advertising, we believe in the 48-hour rule.  You can track an app over a two day period and see if the CTR for that app is in goal range.  If not you can lower the CPM budget.  Then you can check which apps are outperforming and raise the CPM budget.  Having apps with higher CTR then goal receiving additional impressions will quickly make your campaign effective and efficient.

Using the two-day rule to judge the apps projected CTR may be aggressive but with the correct scale is definitely worth considering.