Tracking Landing Pages for Mobile

A popular question Copley Advertising hears from clients as their mobile geo-fencing campaign begins is that their Google Analytics is not showing any increase in mobile traffic. Mobile traffic from apps is not designed to be Google Analytic friendly.  Unlike web pages, mobile apps are not driven to be Google friendly as their business model is download driven.  Traffic from mobile apps and even mobile search will not be read by Google Analytics.  Plus the issue that Google Analytics is session driven and not impression driven adds to the issue of under-reporting of mobile impressions.

How do we solve this problem?  Copley Advertising works with a company call unbounce.  They have created a landing page tracking system that can read mobile traffic.  Plus their platform allows for landing page A/B testing.  In order to track clicks to the landing page and conversions, Copley Advertising creates landing pages for the clients that will report clickthrougs  and conversions in real time.

Copley Advertising can not only optimize creative and app placement but also landing pages. And all our tracking is in real-time and transparent.