Five reasons why you need to be marketing to military personal


There are 7.3 million active duty personnel, dependents, reservists, civilian employees that live on military sites.  The annual payroll is over $90 billion.


Everyone on a military base has a job.  100% employment


75% are under 34

96% are high school grads

45% have attended college

66% area white, 20% are black and 8% are Hispanic

Set Target

The demographic and geo locations are set.  This makes it easy for marketers to target their advertising.  You know who you are talking to and where they are.

Media Outlet

Mobile geo-fencing.  Military personal spend over 60% of their digital views on smartphones. TV viewship for 18-34 is down 17% in one year. Direct mail and base newspapers are over crowded with ads. A mobile geo-fencing program will tag all the smartphones on base. Then track which apps the user opens.   Place ads on selected apps.  You will be talking directly to your demographic.  Mobile geo-fencing gives marketer the flexibility, targeting and the effectiveness needed to create an advertising campaign to reach military personal.